Jim Wymore:

Jim is the shooters shooter. An avid gun collector and hunter, he is also the man who got tired of waiting and began promoting and putting on gun shows all over the Midwest many years ago. His opinion is highly regarded, because he doesn't lend his name to just everything.

Jim said, "I have a Remington 1100 that I love for hunting but every other lube system I've tried would gum up, making the gun jam. I cleaned it up and lubed it with Red's Synthetic Gun Lube. This last week I spent out in the rain hunting and it finally performed reliably. Plus, when I get back in from the rain, I just wipe it off and put it away. Very nice stuff!"

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Charles Johnson;

Retired from the Military and an avid shooter of all types of weapons, Charles knows his stuff. When he got his first bottle of Red's Synthetic Gun Lube, he had nothing but good things to say about us! "I wish we'd have had lube this good when we were in Afghanistan! This beats the old military issue CLP in just about every way! Plus, it is excellent on my concealed carry 9mm and it is the best all around protection barrier for my collection of 100 year old guns. I think it is excellent stuff."

Tom McEwen,

Otherwise known at the Mongoose of Hot Wheels Funny Car Fame. Tom is also a consummate gun collector, shooter and expert. When he got his first bottle of Red's Synthetic, he put it to work and sent us a note... "Excellent Stuff! Send more, Tom"

Some times you don't have to say a lot to say a lot. We appreciate the love.

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Eric Jenness, Minnesota.
Eric is co-owner of Jenness Automation Engineering and an avid gun shooter! Here's what he had to say about Red's in a Facebook Post on a 1911 owners group the other day.

Follow  up to my post yesterday, I cleaned my RIA yesterday and oiled it up with reds synthetic oil. I headed to the range with 100 rds of federal 230gr and 45 rds of reloads from a local company, (the same reloads I was complaining about 3 weeks ago) My first impression was, can oil really make that much of a difference? But honestly I was really really surprised to see my gun feed those reloads flawlessly! I was really surprised on how well I shot (for me) that pic is an honest 46 rounds at
10 yards. Did the oil make my gun more accurate? I can't say for sure, but either way, reds just got a life long customer. I was doing some quick mag dumps as fast as I could pull the trigger (range officers hate  that) and it never had a stoppage. Not only do I believe in the product  I also like to support small companies here in the good ole U.S.A! I should mention to that I had a bonfire the night before so I wasn't exactly feeling great sunday evening at the range. The price was right, it shipped fast and even the bottle works good, sounds stupid I know but  seriously if you want to apply one drop I got one drop. I will be ordering more!

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Grizzly's Outdoor Trading Post:

An Iowa gun dealership with a no nonsense attitude. After trying Red's they jumped at becoming a dealer and love our stuff. "It's REALLY great gun lube and our customers love it too!"

reds gun lube is also known as redsgunlube or red's pure synthetic gun lube'