So, what makes Red's Synthetic Gun Lube so much better than other lubrication systems?

Simple. It's just really pure synthetic oil... nothing else.

So, why is using a totally pure synthetic oil so much of an improvement over other types of lubrication on a firearm?

#1 Lubricity.

Lubricity is the ability of anything to reduce the friction between any two moving components. So... Lubricity is fancy speak for slick. When you can increase the lubricity of a liquid, that means that it takes less force to initialize movement between two components. This is the beginning of increased reliability, fire speed and many other advantages that most regular oils are adequate at, but why be average when you can be exceptional?

Slickness does not mean thin as water with us....

The old way of getting this initial lightness between moving parts was to just thin down old oils. But, then you have other problems to deal with. By creating a solely synthetic oil, we were able to get that light, easy to slide initial action, yet keep enough body to the lubricant that it would also stay where you put it. We were able to keep the viscosity or thickness of the lube at an optimum film strength, while still maintaining a nice slick film substrate to keep moving parts from touching.

No Matter what the temperature, it stays pretty well the same...

Another advantage to our blend is that the lubricity remains constant over an extremely wide range of temperatures! We've designed Red's Synthetic Gun Lube to operate at temperature ranges from -50 to well over 400 degrees and it will keep maintaining it's ability to lubricate up to 500 degrees. So, toss your gun in the ice box, pull it out and shoot it until the barrel is hot and our lube stays in there doing it's job from the lowest temp to the highest temp. It's nearly 3 times more operating range than standard oil based lubricants and even outperforms silicone lubes in about every test. Don't take our word for it, try it and if you are not impressed, we'll refund your money. Seriously.

#3 Stability is the foundation of reliability.

My #3 point actually brings  me to my #1 reason for buying the formulation, paying to have it improved and improved again and offering it to a wary world for their approval.

Once I had the current formula, I lubed up my personal carry gun, my desk gun, my house quick access gun safe gun and all of the others. For a very long time, I would test it's ability to have a gun ready to go at a moments notice and it has yet to fail me ever.

Driving down a gravel road, I stopped, pulled my 1911 out of the console of the truck, racked it and put a wooden fence post out of it's misery with 7 rounds as fast as I wanted to pull the trigger.

Dead of winter? Not a problem. I can pull one out in zero degrees, chamber it and shoot it without hesitation.

Imagine the security of KNOWING that, no matter how long a firearm has been sitting, when you pull it out and use it... it just works. THAT is why I fell in love with this Synthetic and that is why I started Red's. Because I KNOW that you would like the same sense of security about how your firearms are lubricated.

When you have a product that has high lubricity and will stay the same for year and years, that stability gives you rock solid confidence that when you need your weapon to work, it will... no doubts, no hesitation, just fire.

We were always amazed at the lack of stability in other gun lubes we'd used in the past and that is where the long road of research started to where we are today.

Once we knew that we had designed a weapons lubrication that was easy to use, stayed where you put it, did the job over a stupidly wide range of temperatures and would keep doing what it was supposed to do for 50 years or more, we thought it was special enough to build a company around.

We invite you to get a bottle and try it yourself, then let us know if it does for you what it did for us... ease your mind. If it doesn't, simply send your unused portion back for a refund. We make that offer because we KNOW that you will find it to be what it is. Really, REALLY good synthetic oil. Period.

Thanks in advance for your business.


#2. Longevity of stabilization.

Sure, it's nice lube now, but what about 2 years, 10 years or even 40 years from now? We understand the concern and once again, that is where a targeted, engineered, fully synthetic can go where a regular oil cannot. Our Synthetic Lubrication system was engineered to remain atomically stable for 50 years or more.

I have a story to tell here that will illustrate this better. I am a gun collector and shooter and have been for most of life. Many years ago, I took a few pistols that I had other versions of and decided to put them away for long term storage in the gun safe.

So, I got out what I believed to be the best all around lubricant and protection for storage, lubed my pistols up, wrapped them up and put them away in the gun safe.

Five years later, I got one of them out and was horrified when I found that this 'name brand' protection had turned yellow, sticky and stained my guns to the point that I nearly had to send them to a gunsmith to undo the damage that this 'protective lube' had caused.

THAT was the day that I began looking for something better. And when I found it, I sold some things and bought the formula. Why? Because somebody has to do it, I guess.

To give you a better idea of why I love this stuff, I'll repeat what my head Synthetics Engineer had to say about the stability of this system...

When quizzed about it's longevity, the head design engineer said that this formulation would 'probably remain the same for 100 years, but 50 years is a cake walk'.

Looking for a good long term anti-rust protection that is also the best all around lube?

This is it.  But, as always... don't take anyone's word at this point. Try a bottle and if you don't find it anymore superior to your current lubrication or protection oil system for the money, simply return it and we'll refund your money. Talk is cheap and we try to back it up with action.

reds gun lube is also known as redsgunlube or red's pure synthetic gun lube'