Before we started Red's Synthetic Gun Lube, we did what you have probably done. We traveled all over the internet and read and studied and bought bottles of this and spray cans of that... over the years, we've tried everything you can probably dream up that's supposed to either protect, lubricate or enhance the performance of a weapon.

Don't get us wrong! Some of it was good stuff, but the price was insane too!

Or, we would find something that was a great shooting lube but didn't stay stable. Or it would be as stable as a stone but really stunk for enhancing the workings of a semi auto weapon.

So, we kept searching and totally by accident we ran into a pure synthetic blend that BLEW our minds, for lack of a better statement. Great lubrication, totally unaffected by temperature, no pooling, no runoff, shot like a dream in smouldering hot and humid weather or below zero degrees and after a long time, we proved it to stay stable when lubing up guns for storage. It was just fantastic stuff and yet, we couldn't find anything else like it out there on the market. So, after some formulation and testing, we narrowed it down to three different blends that we loved and from there, we honed it down to the absolute best of the best.

And we named it Red's Synthetic Gun Lube. Red, after my wife, who is a bigger gun nut that I am and the rest because we are firm believers in a company name telling you what it does.

I know it may sound simplistic, but there is the long and short of it.

If you wish to keep traveling and searching, by all means we invite you to. It can be a grand adventure indeed. But, if you would just like a simple, light weight lube that will let your AR, 22 semi auto, shotgun, high power or any other type of weapon operate a little smoother, while also giving it rock solid 'throw it in the gun safe forever' protection, then we humbly ask that you try out a bottle of Red's if you don't agree that it is a better lube, simply return whatever you don't use for a refund. Simple as that.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

Red's Synthetic Gun Lube

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reds gun lube is also known as redsgunlube or red's pure synthetic gun lube'