Umarex Regent R200S

Budget 1911 in stainless is a great buy

And with a little Red's Synthetic in it, you'll think it cost twice as much.

In the interests of full disclosure and honesty, this is not a totally stock out of the box Regent R200S. When I purchased this gun a few years back, it had the annoying habit of not wanting to feed certain hollow point ammo, so I stripped it, clamped it in the bench and did a little cone polishing on the feed ramp. Maybe 45 seconds of work was all it took to fix the problem.

Other than that, this girl got some custom engraving on the slide by Golden's Gun Engraving, a set of polished brass 'crusader' grips and a stainless compensator popped onto a bone stock Regent R200S. As a whole it has always been a reliable, good feeding, accurate gun for the most part, but until we created Red's Synthetic Gun Lube, you would have to oil the tar out of it to keep it slipping, slapping and popping off rounds without a second thought

With the addition of 8 total drops of Red's Synthetic Gun Lube about every 500 rounds or so, it has become another workhorse of a weapon indeed. It will fire them as fast as I would want to, and keep anywhere on target.... right on par with the Smith & Wesson Performance Shop model and any of the Remingtons, Colts or other top notch models I have compared it to.

Will good gun lube improve a budget weapon... THIS gun is proof that it will.

Watch the youtube video below to watch it burp out 45 hollow points at speed with nothing but Red's on it..... nice.

reds gun lube is also known as redsgunlube or red's pure synthetic gun lube'