Is it worth a Nickel? 

Complete Lubrication and Protection for 5 cents per gun... no kidding. 

We at Red's are always looking at the better way to do what needs to be done and that includes keeping the cost as low as possible. With our current $4.95 price for  a Go-Pack Bottle with FREE shipping anywhere in the Continental US and Alaska, we've gotten it down the point where you'd be silly not to try a bottle. Honestly... 

Imagine it this way. One of our Go-Pack bottles contains about 900 little drops of Red's Synthetic Gun Lube. When it comes to treating and protecting your revolver, pistol, shot gun or rifle, you'll only use about 6-8 drops total to get the job done. This is extremely powerful lubrication and with that comes the beauty of not having to pour it on... seriously.

So, when you drop $4.95 for a bottle of Red's, you are getting enough Red's to not only properly lubricate the gun and all of it's mechanisms, but enough to even wipe the entire metal surfaces of the gun down to protect it from moisture and corrosion for DECADES... like 50 years of solid stability. And you could do it to 100 guns in a single bottle. 

Think about that... 100 guns worth of shooting reliability and improved function, 100 guns worth of long term corrosion and storage protection for $4.95. 

As always, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't love the stuff as much as all of our current fans do. 

So... nickel per gun cost, improved action, function and protection. 

Go get a bottle now.... The deal isn't going to get any better. 

~ Red.


reds gun lube is also known as redsgunlube or red's pure synthetic gun lube'