October 16th, 2014...
Pink Floyd said it best, when they sang, 'we're here to see where you fans really stand.'

The Point of this column is to let YOU know where WE stand on issues, life in general and just anything interesting that we run into that we think you'd like to see.  So, without further ado... let's begin.

Politics: Yes, let's get it out of the way!
I don't know if you could call us Republicans, per say but we are definitely not thumb sucking 'somebody should make a law' left wingers either. We believe that Jesus died for our sins, and yours. We believe that the constitution was written to protect folks like you and us from a government that may try to become more powerful than it should be. We think that Gay people have a right to live their own lives. I don't approve, but I also know that what they do will be between them and a fair and just God some day and I will leave it to him to decide. I do not think that we should try to legislate morality, but instead we should set an example for our children, grandchildren, employees and neighbors to follow at all times.

There.... that should have run off the fence sitters. Now, on to more fun stuff.

What's on our buy list? Not a question. The new Rock Island Arms polished nickel 1911! Wow! What a beauty! Click photo for a peak on their page!

Now that is gun porn right there! I've got mine on backorder at Davison's Guns, our local Braddyville, Iowa Dealer and I can't wait to get it all stinky smelling and fired.

Cool Grips are always a great subject and customer and new friend Eric Jenness has started his new custom grips Facebook page that I recommend you check out when you get a chance. Jenness Customs makes some pretty cool grips indeed... Here's a set of his polished brass 'Crusader' grips on my widowmaker 1911 for reference.

Let's talk about Ebola and what in the world is going on in DC!

Every time I jump on the Drudge report, I get mad. Is it just me or what? Looks to me like we are going to need to get a grip, close off travel from certain African countries and keep our hand sanitized fingers crossed. But the biggest thing that irritates me is the lack of any good directives from our current administration. Maybe God wants it this way but the total ass grabbing confusion you I and keep seeing from the executive branch is astonishing. Just my opinion, but something strange is indeed going on there. What for sure, I do not know.

Back to fun stuff.... The other night, I tested out a 20 round Pro-Mag drum on my old Saiga 12 shell pumper and found it to be totally lacking. I think in 20 rounds, it jammed itself up at least 5 times. If you are looking for more capacity and reliability from your Saiga 12 magazines, I recommend staying with a 10 round 'banana' model... here's a quick test shoot for the Red's main testing page that I made last night. You want fast feeding reliability? Get a good gun, good ammo, good magazine and good lube... I can help you with 25% of that.

That's all for today... God Bless. Keep your gun oiled. ~ Craig

"Either you'll get really offended by what you read on here, or you'll be our best friend... no in between." ~ Craig

October 22nd.

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