At Red's, we try to keep it simple. No middle men to our dealers, no distributors who demand you buy a pallet of 500,000 zillion bottles. Nope. We believe in our product and we do our best to make it easy for ANYONE to sell it if they want.

Sure, we love Gunsmiths, Gun Retailers and Sporting Goods Stores, but Red's is really just excellent pure Synthetic Oil. That's why we sell more Red's than you would think to RC modelers, Sewing Machine operators and stores plus about a hundred other non firearms related businesses.

But, let's talk Gun stores. Here is about as simple a method for selling 1,200-4,000 bottles of Red's through your store and making a little extra money to keep the lights on (which is not a bad thing at all!)

How to sell Red’s to your customers…. 
1. Be a Fan of Red’s. The best way to sell anything is to believe in it. Go lube up something you know to be finicky and go shoot it. When YOU can see firsthand the improvement Red’s gives on your own personal firearms, you can share that with people and they will know that you’re pointing them in the right direction.
2.  Stock it! Get some… you can’t sell it if you don’t have it. Cases shipped are only $70.80, which is $2.95 per bottle, SITTING on your counter. Mark it up to $5.95 and sell all you want with an honest to goodness 201% markup.
3. Show it! Keep it out on display and keep an extra bottle near the register.
4. Talk about it! When you see someone looking at the bottle, simply start the conversation with a question. “Are you running a full synthetic in your guns now?”
5. Either they’ll say yes or no… if Yes, then explain that Red’s comes with a money back guarantee and that you believe it to be superior to any other lube you sell.
6. If they say no, they haven’t been using Synthetic… then explain that by changing to a pure synthetic, they will see much more ‘slickness’ on the moving parts, it will remain stable for more than 50 years and it also works as a killer rust prevention barrier.
7. Remind them that it is less than $6. When was the last time you bought anything that made a dramatic improvement on your firearms for less than $6? It's a crazy no brainer, when you think about it.
8. Unless they are brain dead or, own their own lube company, you WILL sell it over and over again.
9. Sell all you want, we’ll make more. It's really that simple.
~ Red

Be a Red's Synthetic Gun Lube Authorized Reseller.

100% profit, happier customers, no problem.

Buy for $2.50 with FREE Shipping!!!

Sell for $4.95 and make your

customers happy? Why not?

Why is Red's Better?

1. Meets or exceeds MIL-PRF-63460 for light arms lubrication standards as set by the US Military.

2. Non etching with NO solvents. It is a pure Synthetic Oil that does NO harm.

3. Stable for 50 plus years! Oil them up, put them away and don't fret... they'll be ready to go when your great grand kids get them out!

4. Flows at well past 50 degrees below F and remains in place to well past 450 degrees F.

5. Superior Water Shedding abilities make it excellent for wet weather hunting or shooting.

6. Increases lubricity on both large and small moving parts, which increases reliability on all weapons.

7. Excellent long term corrosion protection barrier for any metal.

8. Low odor design, so Mom doesn't run you out of the house.

9. Amazing stability gives you absolute confidence that your firearm will work when you need it to... every time.

10. Proven with competition shooters from Trap to 3 gun to cowboy shooters as the best all around lubrication to eliminate jamming or mis-feeds.

11. Money back guarantee always. We believe so strongly in Red's that if you don't fall in love with it and make it your new favorite oil for the money, simply have your customers mail back the unused portion to us for a direct refund!

Mail your unused portion to

Red's Synthetic Gun Lube

2729 290th Street

Clarinda, Iowa 51632

Always shipped FREE!

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reds gun lube is also known as redsgunlube or red's pure synthetic gun lube'